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RepBox ONE FIVE Filament Storage Solution (Standard)

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  • Current Lead Time: 3-4 weeks, Due to the huge influx of interest at MRRF we're working hard to meet orders in a timely fashion and improve lead times... we appreciate your patience.
  • Overseas orders are by special request only. If you're interested please reach out on the contact page.
  • For custom side panels please download the template from the resource link below and email your artwork to in a high-res JPG format. Panels are 12" x 12" so please make sure your resolution is at least 3000 x 3000 pixels.
  • Imagery pictured may include optional upgrades such as clear acrylic, spool addition kits, and more. Filament is not included, configure your box and pricing to your liking using the selections to the right.


  • Faster Assembly
  • Improved Exit connectors for 1.75 and 3mm filament options out of the box!
  • Improved sealing
  • More reliable lid prop
  • Easier to load
  • Optional "Bottom Feeder" mode for placing your RepBox underneath your printer or multi-material system like the Pallette 2

Tame your wild piles of filament with the new Repkord RepBox filament management system! Place on a shelf or on the desktop next to your printer or with the optional wall mount kit you can easily hang your box above and out of the way for even better space efficiency. Stackable and Prusa, Palette or Multi-Material compatible! Holds 5 standard kilogram spools or 8-10 smaller spools with additional rollers. Roller system is fully adjustable to allow for spools of all different widths and diameters up to 9 inches.


18" Wide, 12" High, 12" Deep.

Choose from either black or the optional clear acrylic main paneling. Non-acrylic versions include a sturdy steel sublimated side panel with the option to choose from unique designs or customize your own. The black paneling is actually blackboard material and can be written on with chalk. This allows you to easily mark and identify spools loaded within. Custom panels with your company/makerspace/school logo are available along with optional locking, stacking, and dry kits.

While the base model of RepBox is not a dry box it does provide reasonable adequate protection from moisture when desiccant packets are placed inside. Comes flat packed as a kit with all parts needed to assemble.

Includes 1m of 1.75mm filament guide tubing, connectors, and rollers for 5 spools. Additional spool kits and tubing may ordered as needed.

RepBox Version "ONE FIVE" Resources:

Legacy RepBox Version 1.0 Resources: