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Mosaic Palette 2 Pro
Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

Mosaic Palette 2 Pro

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Four filaments combine and feed into your 3D printer. Palette 2 takes your builds to a whole new level.

Palette 2 Pro

Palette 2 Pro includes our Splice Core Pro, machined out of aluminum for optimal cooling and 20% faster splicing speeds.

Extended Warranty and Replacement Parts

Eliminate downtime with Palette 2 Pro’s industry leading 2 year warranty and spare parts!

Unparalleled User Experience

Palette 2 works with your printer to provide you with the simplest multi-material printing process possible.

Soluble, flexible, rigid materials

Enrich your designs using soluble support, flexible materials, and rigid materials all in the same part.

Four colors, one nozzle

Harness new levels of communication and aesthetics by printing up to four colors in any given design.

​Plug-and-play setup

Get printing with Palette 2 in less than an hour with its guided setup process and CANVAS's online walkthroughs.

Run-out detection and correction

When one spool runs out, Palette 2 can automatically splice to another spool. Never run out of filament on long prints again.


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