Six women gathered around laptop computers working together

We're really excited to kick off our new filament launches with some limited edition offerings of our highly popular "Purple Haze" 1.75mm PLA and the all new 3D Pink Mafia "Boss Pink!" As part of this launch we've also bundled these two colors plus our essential RepRed into an awesome 3 Pack known as the "DCMG (Don't Call Me Girly) Pack." What's great about this pack, besides the awesome assortment of amazing filament colors, is the fact that 10% of all sales of this bundle as well as the individual Purple Haze and Boss Pink spools all goes to the Girls Who Code movement! Great filament and a cause that supports the advancement of women in the field of computer science? That's a win-win in our book! And who says pink is just for girls?! We're proud to introduce a unique looking and totally stunning PLA that will make anyone's projects look amazing!

It is our hope that this new bundle and limited edition filament release is only the first to support a worthy cause. In the coming months look for more new bundles that promote awareness and support a number of other great causes. We all need filament to print anyway, why not help others while we make?

Please help support our initiative and spread the word by proudly showing off your prints on any major social media platform using the hashtag #Create4aCause. Together we can all MAKE a difference!